Eco-relational Imagery

The Mystery of Domesticity – The New York Years

I am intrigued by how archetypal aspects of human existence can be conveyed through the specificity of the moment.  Vermeer’s paintings serve as models for me in this regard.  As a painter, he uses light to reveal psychological or spiritual overtones in seemingly mundane events.  In his Young Women With a Water Jug, the soft golden glow of window light transforms the common act of grasping a pitcher into a sacramental reality. A casual fleeting act paradoxically becomes an eternal moment.  In my own photographs I record moments where the quality of light reveals the archetypal nature of everyday life. Photographing domestic scenes has offered me a way to pursue these ideas while at the same time drawing me closer into the mystery of my family.

Images from this series appeared in a collaborative exhibition with Anna Maria Johnson the Fountain Arts Center in New York State.

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